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27 Jun. 2018.    Minor new info about Richard Cox added to Pomeroy and Mason page. Minor corrections to People and Places pages.

21 Jan. 2018.    Memories of Chalfont St Giles in the 20th century added.

December 2017.    All pages updated to correct typos and grammatical errors.

12 Nov 2017.    New header picture on home page and article about the artist added.

5 Oct 2017.   New pages about Hill House, Church Farm, the Pomeroy and Mason families added. The earliest known picture of the village added.

1 Feb 2017.   Information about Peterson House/Church Houses updated and links corrected.

9 July 2016.   Holding page for The Vache added but only to recommend people to submit a query or comment.

8 March 2016.    The Stone. A new history added.

A new category "Other" added to navigation.

Page about the derivation of the name Chalfont added.

Page about the growth of the population of Chalfont St Giles added.

31 Jan. 2016.    Sandfords page totally revised and expanded. Meta data on all pages updated to help searching.

16 Jan. 2016.    A number of minor correction to broken or out of date links have been incorporated. This "What's new" page has been added.

12 Jan. 2016.     Uploaded a totally revised reformatted and updated site . Replaces version not updated since 2008. Following extra material added to the many subjects that have been carried over from the earlier version..

Alston,Bartlett, Buckmaster, Forbes, Grove, Hare, Nash, and Palliser families. The life of Archibald Grove. Bowlers Orchard, Dibden Hill, Grove Manor, and Kilnyard. The modern history of the Pollards Wood area including detail histories of a number of houses, Stonewells, Town Farm, and Whan Cross. More general matters include a contribution about Cricket in Chalfont St Giles and the Hearne family. The historic open fields are discussed.


REFERENCES. Unless otherwise specified, all references given above refer to catalogue references at the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies at Aylesbury. (County Record Office.)

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