The Vache and its owners

There is a large amount of material published about the Vache however there still seems to a number of people searching on the name so this page tries to consolidate some key facts but also add some lesser known facets of its history from earliest times to the present day. It is important when you read about "The Vache" to distinguish between the manor, the estate, and the house and to understand that these are not the necessarily the same thing.

The family name Vache appears very early in the manorial history and became the prime Manor by 1366. It is last mentioned in 1902. The estate was at it largest under the Fleetwoods around 1600 when it comprised about three quarters of the parish but gradually shank in size as parts were sold off until it is now just the grounds immediately around the Vache house. A house has existed on its current site since the 16 century but has been modified many times by different owners.


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